James Bond: GoldenEye remake coming this November

This past week, Eurogamer has claimed that a source believes Activision is currently brewing together a remake of the classic N64 fps,  James Bond: Goldeneye. It is said that the new iteration will be developed for the Wii and DS by n-Space and Eurocom. Eurocom was in charge of developing “the world is not enough”, which is another Bond game for N64 starring the likeness of Pierce Brosnan as the British spy/ womanizer. The source goes on to say how the publisher is planning to unveil the new spy thriller at E3, so it looks like the reliability of the source will be tested fairly shortly.

The N64 version of GoldenEye lets you play as the superspy James Bond (with the likeness of Pierce Brosnan), where you must fight against a rebellious former friend/ agent, as well as fight against Bond’s hypnotic pull to women (which turns out to be almost deadly), it is said that GoldenEye is one of the best (which isn’t saying too much) games based on 007, and hopefully the new transformation to the Wii and DS will exceed the hilarious moments and cheat codes brought forth by its predecessor.

As always, Gamersyndrome will keep you up to date on the new Bond game, as well as give you details when, or if the game is unveiled at E3.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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