Black and White Dated March 6

So if you’re one of the gaming public who has an inner child of any kind whatsoever, you’re excited for Pokémon Black and White to come to the western world.

Well Nintendo of America has provided us with a time frame, and it seems that the games will be arriving in a mere three months.

Featured in the new version of the classic franchise will be a seasons mechanic that will affect the frequency with which you see certain Pokemon, as well as 150 shiny new pocket monsters for you to imprison in tiny plastic balls.

Those three months also give you a month to consider the pros and cons of each starter. Personally I’m leaning towards the fire pig. The fire type is usually the hardest to train, but ends up the strongest in the late game. Plus, I mean, cummon, “fire pig?” Doesn’t get much better than that.

So who will you be starting out with?

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