Are We Looking at the Final 3DS Specs?

New information on the Nintendo 3DS has surfaced, and IGN has reported on the supposed specs of the next-gen handheld. The system is said to include two ARM11 CPUs, which are also found in smartphones and in the Zune HD. The GPU being utilized by the 3DS is the DMP PICA200, which is being slowed down to about 200MHz. Though these numbers indicate a dip in power from the previously speculated Nvidia Tegra, IGN reported, “Numerous developers working on the platform have likened the graphical capabilities to current-generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, albeit on smaller, lower resolution screens.”

The 3DS also contains more internal storage space than the DSi (as expected) and has bumped up the DSi’s 256MBs to 1.5GBs of flash memory. Quite the increase in memory, and one that will likely come into play with downloadable games and other built-in features on the system. Of course, gamers will also be able to add to it through the system’s SD slot.

It’s interesting to learn all of these new little details about the internal capacity of the 3DS, even if everything is just in its rumor stages right now. We’ll keep you posted on further details regarding Nintendo’s next-gen handheld.

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