3DS More Powerful Than the Wii?

Nintendo’s 3DS is something of a hot topic among gaming websites right now.  Not much is known about the upcoming handheld, and what is known is so vague that it only garners great amounts of speculation from consumers, critics, and third party developers.  We expect to hear a lot about Nintendo’s next-gen handheld at this year’s E3, and we’re eager to get the juicy details.

So far, however, there have only been reports and off-the-record details given by various parties.  Right now the two biggest bits of information regarding the 3DS revolve around the handheld’s hardware specs.  The first bit of info worth being speculative about is that Nintendo will not be partnering up with NVIDIA, which helped power previous handhelds from the Big N.

The second—and more shocking—rumor going around is that the 3DS will be far more powerful than the Wii.  Sources are saying that the 3DS will be almost as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Of course we won’t know anything for sure until we get the details, but this is a huge tidbit of information, and one many gamers and critics would like to know the validity of.

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  1. If it’s that powerful people will be running this bad boy like an android or iphone… Maybe throw some android on there. Does this come with anything other than wifi?

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