More Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Available

More Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Available

ok so your a little pissed off you didn’t pre-order Modern warfare Prestige edition for the week it was available for pre order because you thought the night vision goggles where going to be a flash light strapped to your head.. and your also deeply saddened that you didn’t stand in line at midnight for 3 hours to get the limited quantity on hand at best buy or future shop (Canada) on November 10th.  Well guys and gals you might just be in luck if you own an XBOX360 because Futureshop has just released a small number of stock (only 56 left! and only available in Canada).  to bad for you PS3 owners you will still have to pay out the nose on Ebay to get a copy of Prestige with night vision goggles.  Did I mention to hurry before its all sold out again (seriously from last night till now its sold about 50 of them.. probably because everyone thinks its sold out and isnt checking the site anymore 😉 )?

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