Halo 3: howto get armor

If you want to be successful in the popular “Halo 3” video game, or any game for that matter, you have to equip or armor yourself accordingly and to achieve this; you will have to have a clear idea of the strategies involved in it.

The massive success of halo 3 lies in the fact that there are millions of people playing it at some point of time or other and this would be impossible without getting to know how to armor in halo 3. There are many different types of armor in halo3 such as Mark V,   Hayabusa, Recon armor, scout and many more. It takes a lot of expertise and experience to get hold of the highly formidable recon armor, though initially, only the bungie employees could get hold of recon armor, thus creating a false scarcity. It started to have a negative impact in the sense, people started losing interest in the game, and thus it is now being made available for others than the people of their community.

Forge skills are the best way to get hold of recon armor. This is, by far, the easiest and most convenient way of acquiring armor but still there are others ways too like building up your forge talents. If your talents are high up, there are more chances that you can acquire recon armor in halo 3.

If you are a beginner and find this too difficult, then there is another path. There are vidmaster challenges that require you to complete the game within a certain time frame and achieve certain objectives specified therein. If you are able to finish off three of these challenges in the specified date, then you are through with the recon armor.

But evidently, this is a tough job and requires a lot of skill and experience. But if you do, you will really enjoy the benefit of it. Another challenge that you can probably undertake is that if you complete halo 3 on four player legendary live coup, you can get recon armor. There is a complete guidance through bungie to guide you all through.

There is certain to be more challenges ahead and the manufacturers would like to see the responses of the players and then release the clues to add a lot of fun and frolic to the game. There is no more waiting and depending on bungie employees to get recon armor, and it is enough if you sweat and toil yourself a little to get a recon armor. But even if this is not there, there would be no interest in the game, will there be?

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