Crackdown 2: Screenshots and Renders

We have 87 new Crackdown 2 for XBOX360 character renders, Screen Shots, Guns, Vehicles and more!  Crackdown 2 is brought to you by Rufian games which also brought us great hits like Fable 2 and Project Gotham Racing.  Crackdown 2 was announced at the E3 games show this year but has been kept pretty tight lipped so not to much more about the game and its official release date or month is known.

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  1. Nice job on nabbing these! After the sleeper hit that was the first Crackdown, I’m really looking forward to see what Ruffian can do with the franchise. I’m still somewhat cautious about the idea of mutant zombies running amuck in Pacific City, but optomism never hurt anyone too much…

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