New Xbox Live Promotion Announced

“Here’s a sample of me; now buy me!”

Microsoft have announced yet another promotion to their Silver Members hoping that they will join the Gold Members. This new offer isĀ available until October 5, and grants any Silver Member who purchases a 12 month LIVE code an extra 2 months for no extra charge.

The 12 month LIVE code must be purchased through Xbox Live, which means you will not receive the offer if you’ve bought it through a retail shop.

That’s basically it.

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  1. At least they’re getting better. Silver membership is a joke, I remember Microsoft outright lying before the 360 came out that online would be free. Oh but they forgot to mention you can’t play games online, and you have to wait a week longer to play demos. Seriously, they shaft their silver members so bad. The membership doesn’t do shit other then letting you watch commercials and promotional videos.

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