Theif Caught By An Xbox

“An Xbox marked the spot where a Bronx man stockpiled a treasure trove of pilfered electronics”, police said.

Jeremiah Gilliam, a 22-year old male, has been arrested by police after playing a stolen game system online. The fact that he was playing the console while connected to the Internet allowed police in Pelham, where it was stolen, to trace the IP address of the man’s grandmother, thus leading police to the address, the police had explained.

Once the police arrived at the address, they entered the house to find an outstanding amount of stolen video games, laptops, and GPS devices believed to have been obtained from as many as 200 car-break ins and several house burglaries.

” Gilliam was already under investigation for 13 robberies of unlocked cars”, Pelham Detective John Hynes had explained.

The New York Post reported that:

“A kid whose Xbox was stolen in one of the burglaries noticed that someone was playing online with his game system and told his parents, who reported it to police.”

“On the day of the burglary, the victim used another Xbox and saw his system was already online,” Hynes said. “At the house, we found Xboxes, PlayStations, GPS units, laptops — a total of 53 items, including stolen credit cards.”

The New York Post has confirmed that Jeremiah has been charged with “Grand Larceny”.

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  1. The idea is to steal something and GET RID OF IT, not keep it. Not that I’m suggesting people do that, but keeping evidence lying around your house is the easiest way to get caught.

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