Soulja Boy “Talks Smack” Over Xbox Live

Soulja boy has been recorded swearing and cursing his “cranking mouth” after someone called ” Bow Wow” said that he/she was going to make another clan (Soulja Boy has his own clan), after Soulja Boy was informed to by one of the participants of the game, he erupts.

I’m not at all a fan, nor do I know of his work (apart from that “SUPER MAN THAT…” song, so I’ll let you decide how/if this will affect his reputation.


The video you are about to see contains more swear words than the grains of sand found at a beach, you’ve been warned.


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  1. Joar, I’m sure you didn’t mean f** as an attack against sexual orientation, but its usage really degrades not only yourself, but Also the ‘like all rappers’ is a huge generalization you can’t prove.

  2. hey guys no slurs or remarks against minority groups/sexual orientation please 😉 im sure joar just meant that the rappers he has met in person where unpleasant human beings and he would not like to associate with them on a professional or personal level. Right?…..?

  3. Ok so let me get this straight – this guy has a right to swear on people he doesn’t know on the interweb and everyone adores him. But if i swear at him everyone hates me? Nice!

  4. Ummmm… no we just want to stay politically correct on this site. If you where to say “I think Soulja Boy likes to touch other guys” I dont think anyone here would have an issue with that statement 😉

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