ODST already lost its touch?

All the hype over Halo 3: ODST had me looking forward to an absolute gem of a game, and although I am not going to deny the game is indeed a great deal of fun to play with friends, I am questioning the longevity of its appeal. I recently completed ODST’s campaign and also unlocked all of the achievements, I now find myself wondering what on Earth to do next.

It was stated during the lead up to the game’s release that the new campaign would be shorter than the one Halo 3 had to offer but it’s redemptive feature would be Firefight mode. During early attempts of this “innovative” multi-player mode I thought that it did indeed have the potential to make the game have long lasting playability due to its considerable difficulty on the harder settings. After time and practice however the game began to reveal itself as much simpler than I had first anticipated. With a few decent players and some simple strategies the achievements became simple to get; even ‘Endure’ which I told myself I would never be able to get. I am not by any means trying to blow my own horn here; I am just sharing my disappointment in how easy the game was to conquer. odst2

Does anyone else share my disappointment or can anyone suggest how I can make the game more interesting?

Good Gaming Gang!

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