New Xbox Model Name Slipped?

Just when we were starting to take in the words at E3 “with Natal, we don’t need to make another console.”

When Project Natal was announced, Microsoft informed us that with this new technology being developed, they didn’t need to make a new console, thus ending the Xbox 720 rumours that had been going on since 2008.

However, due to what graphics programmer Ryan Geiss’s posted on his blog, it is now believed that Project Natal will be bundled on a new console currently in development.

What Ryan posted on his Blog was this: “I can finally disclose that I’m one of the core developers of the human-tracking algorithms for Project Natal (click for more info), bringing full-body motion control to the Xbox 360+

Notice the “+” sign? At first people considered this as just a typo, but if you think about it, you must hold “Shift” and the “+” button at the same time, how can you typo that?

Ryan has updated his website since the report came out, it might have been suggested by his employers to take it down, leading many to believe that Microsoft are indeed, up to something big.

The site that first reported about the new console rumour tried contacting Ryan to quiz him on this, they got a response, but not from Ryan, it had this to say: ”He uses standard keyboard which have numeric keys on the right so typing 360+ could have been a mistake although this time you are right. X360+ is true. + is to show consumers that this X is something more than just a console << Something like that will be posted by Microsoft PR due time. (Probably on twitter since that will be more of a “personal” message). Also it will not have 1TB drive ;)”

Confirmation that the Xbox + or “plus” is real, the letter also stated that Microsoft will post up more updates and information via Twitter.

While this isn’t an official confirmation, it sure is very supportive of the rumour, also with the message received saying that it will be more than a console, it’s assumed that if this is all real, the new console might come with alot more media options.

Please note: That I do not confirm this as true, it’s still a rumour, 100% rumour infact.

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  1. Will considering everybody has some secret up on their sleeves to attract gamers and earn $$$$$… Lets just wait and see what happens next.

  2. UPDATE: Forget the Xbox 360+ rumours, now the rumour mill has began to crank into gear once again, this time, rumours are flying around about an Xbox 360 Slim, maybe this is the console to be packaged with Natal?

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