New Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Hack Found

It was only yesterday that Infinity Ward decided to take action against the cheaters in Modern Warfare 2 by patching up some exploits that allowed sneaky players to jump onto out of bound areas and even walk inside walls, as well as the famous “Javelin Glitch”. Despite Infinity Ward’s attempt to stop these cheaters, they have left out a few exploits, which have doubled in use due to the removal of the other exploits.

Known by gamers as the “Public Private Match Hack”, the exploit allows other players to create their own private match and some how gain double experience points which gets added to their overall statistics, giving them an unfair advantage. Also, players have been complaining about suddenly been taken away from their game and being put into the private matches unexpectedly.

This “bug” is executed through the Friends List on the Xbox Live interface, making this an “Only On Xbox 360 Bug”.

Gaming Union have reported that there are other aspects to this exploit:

“Other aspects of this glitch allow you to kill players on the same team and have their death count towards your overall score. This also effects killstreaks, which can then be used to kill more team members if the exploiter wishes.”

Robert Bowling has responded to the complaints made and has said that they are aware of the issue and are working on a new patch over Twitter.

This glitch has become a frustration to many players, especially since the bug is inside the matchmaking system, so all that players can do is hope they don’t get sucked into a game they never intended to play.

Despite the fact that there is nothing that players can do, I personally believe that Infinity Ward will apply a patch ASAP.

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