Modern Warfare 2 Co-op Lobby Screenshot

“Is it just me, or does Robert Bowling love Tweeting?”

Once again Robert Bowling is giving fans an in-sight into certain features of the game that fans want to see the most.

This time, he’s shown us a screenshot of…wait for it… the Co-op lobby!! (Yay?)

Nonetheless, some fans are trembling at the screenshot, and how did Robert Bowling update everyone on this you may ask? Twitter, of course…

The Co-op lobby is showing “online Co-op mode”, so it’s not known if there will be split-screen Co-op availableĀ as of yet. Also, the little yellow, unreadable text that you might be trying to read, well it says “You have not unlocked this Op and will not receive any Stars for completing it.” Again, this is sure to raise more questions than this screenshot has answered (if it was supposed to answer any).

Click the image to enlarge it.

See that strange headset on the table? Well Infinity Ward have just announced “additional” accessories including a “combat controller”, “throat communicator”, and face plates for the consoles.

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  1. I’m excited about Modern warfare 2 as much as the next guy, but this tweeting obsession of theirs is kinda weak. Show a new gun feature or attachment or something, not the lobby. What’s my reaction suppose to be? “Wow Infinity Ward, you guys make some appealing lobbys.”?

    What’s a ‘throat communicator’? I sound really pessimistic right now, but that sounds painful.

  2. Throat mics are what military personnel use, they detect vibrations in the throat so that you don’t actually have to talk to communicate with your teammates. Instead, you just silently mouth the words and they hear it.

    Of course, real throat mics are super expensive, and this one is undoubtedly not a real one.

  3. Ah I see, well the super-duber-spectacularly-special-rich-limited-edition copy comes with night-vision goggles right? I’m assuming they’re probably like walmart quality since the $100 price :/

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