Microsoft’s Natal to be available on PCs

In a recent interview, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates confirms use of Natal on PC platforms and discusses its potential.


Currently dubbed “Project Natal”, Microsoft’s upcoming gesture sensing controller was initially introduced for use with the Xbox 360.


During a July 14, 2009 interview with reporter Ina Fried, gates explains how the device could be used to manage personal media, or for “interacting in terms of meetings, and collaboration” in an office environment.  Gates goes on to discuss how the potential Natal brings to the Xbox 360 is translated to the Windows PC platform, and ultimately to an office setting.


Natal is expected to be released some time in 2010.

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  1. That’s a great article. I do have the same kind of uncertainty, but I also agree that if it works then it may possibly be the greatest “game” we’ve ever seen. However, it’s hard to tell how successful it will be in any industry until we get a glimpse of other things Natal is capable of. In any case, for now the news that it will be implemented in an office setting should silence the critics who say that it is only going to be a source for Microsoft to develop eye candy. I think that’s ridiculous anyway considering the money that is going into Microsoft’s Research department, but the argument is out there.

  2. Personally I can understand Natal having much greater potential for office and multimedia settings rather than as a video game, but maybe I’m just not creative enough to wrap my head around the concept. 🙂
    For now there’s no news of how it will be used with Windows 7, or if there will be a future OS designed around Natal.

  3. Yes if Natal actually can do some level of AI that would be amazing although it would have to evolve itself every time you play the game and store the data somewhere for reference.. I think there are definitely limitations to the technology but for the first shot at it I think this might be something that Microsoft is doing right 🙂 .. if it works out right can we be seeing “real” Natal receptionists and greeters at the front desks of businesses and conferences?

  4. As a PC game lover, I’m very excited about this news. I love the possibilities that it brings. It’s probable that there will be some flaws, but that’s normal for a new technology or system. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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