Mass Effect: More than a Trilogy?

Since Mass Effect’s debut years ago, gamers have known that Bioware’s sci-fi RPG epic was planned as a trilogy. But according to a recent interview with Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk, Mass Effect might extend beyond the trilogy its currently planned for.

Zeschuk made the possibility of further Mass Effect titles quite clear in his interview with Gamerzines; “”We’ve said Mass Effect is supposed to be a trilogy,” continued Zeshuck, “so you’re going to see at least a third Mass Effect, and even more if everything goes well.”

Microsoft might find themselves with one less exclusive IP if the Mass Effect trilogy shows up on PS3.
Microsoft might find themselves with one less exclusive IP if the Mass Effect trilogy shows up on PS3.

Not only that, but Playstation 3 owners could also get a piece of the action, despite the fact that Mass Effect used to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Bioware representatives confirmed that when their studio was purchased by Electronic Arts, Mass Effect’s exclusivity contract with Microsoft was negated. While Mass Effect 2 has only been officially announced for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, at least PS3 owners now have a ray of hope that they could experience the trilogy, and potentially more Mass Effect, on their console.

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  1. Hopefully they don’t milk it. I’ve seen a lot of games get stretched way too far and end up just failing. Although, I can’t imagine that coming from Bioware, since a good handful of their titles have involved importing characters from other games and keeping a solid story going, and that concept has been around since the Ultima games.

  2. I was somewhat confused by that iPhone game they released. As you would expect, it was a pointless spin off with no real connection to the Mass Effect trilogy on consoles. But it was apparently even sub-par by iPhone game standards…makes me wonder why they would put a great new IP like this in some random cash in iPhone game.

    On the other hand, the original Mass Effect was awesome, Mass Effect 2 looks incredible, and Bioware has probably the best track record in the business for WRPGS. So there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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