Mass Effect 2 Action Figures

There are many of us out there, many of us who love to collect anything video game related.  Whether it be a soundtrack, a comic, a poster, a statue, or an action figure, we hardcore video game extremists feel like we MUST have it.  I guess you could call it “GamerSyndrome”.  BioWare and DC Unlimited, who made the line of World of Warcraft figurines, have teamed up to make a line of Mass Effect action figures.  The DC Direct website advertises them this way,

“Collect the exciting new series of articulated action figures from the year’s most anticipated game. The Grunt figure stands at 6.8″ high.”

Ooooo! Ahhhhh!

The line will consist of four of the characters from the new Mass Effect 2 game, they are Shepard, Grunt, Tali, and Thane.









So there is a quick rundown of the characters in Mass Effect 2 as many of you may have not seen them yet.

Unfortunately we will have to endure a long wait because these action figures wont hit store shelves until August 25, 2010; but I’m sure many of us will still be very occupied with the actual game up to that date.

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