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Halo Wars is a real time strategy game developed for the Xbox 360 by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game includes the cooperative, multiplayer and single player modes and uses the gamepad as an input device.

The player commands the army on the battlefield from a bird’s-eye view. The game features a story based, military campaign game mode. You can play alone or cooperatively with another player on the Xbox video console. You have the choice of competing against either human or computer controlled opponents made possible through a multiplayer option named the Skirmish mode. You are given the option to control one of two factions in the game, the United Nations Space Command, which is a human group, and the Covenant, which is alien force. The two factions differ in special abilities, units and strengths and each has a group of three leaders to select from. During the course of the game, your selected leader is given certain units and upgrades.

The Human group has abilities such as throwing grenades and the use of a specially equipped ship. The alien group has access to cheap and powerful shield generators to increase the protection of their bases. They are much weaker than their human counterparts. The player can upgrade buildings, train units and activate special abilities. A certain tech level must be reached to release more upgrades in the game. There are a maximum of four tech levels that can be achieved through the building of reactors in the UNSC. The Covenant has a maximum of three upgraded tech levels that can be achieved through the building of one temple.

The player is defeated when all his bases are destroyed. Thus, the main focus of the game is to destroy all of your opponent’s bases and protect yours at the same time. The game also requires strategy, as the allocated resources are limited, yet you need to destroy the enemy’s base. So decisions and strategies have to be made and put into place.

The setting of the game is based on the fictional universe of the Halo series.

Characters in the game include Captain James Cutter who is the commander of the UNSC warship; Sergeant John Forge, who serves under the captain; Professor Ellen Anders, who is a scientist with an interest in the Forerunner’s ancient ruins and Serina, a hyper-intelligent AI with a disdainfully mocking sense of humor.

The game received positive reviews throughout, such as a 9/10 from Official Xbox magazine and Game Informer.

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