Gears of War 3 on next-gen consoles? is reporting that during a conference at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Epic Games President Mike Capps stated that Gears of War 3 wouldn’t appear until the next-generation of consoles.

“If there were a next Gears of War, that will be for the next console generation, whenever that is. If someone knows, please tell me! That’s about four or five years away, I think.”, said Capps.

During that same conference, he stated that Epic has been working on the successor to the wildly popular Unreal Engine 3, appropriately named, Unreal Engine 4 for seven years.

So, there you have it. It looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer than expected for more of Marcus and co.

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  1. Bleszinkski’s toolish nature seems to permeate through into his characters. Gears of war is technically a good game but every piece of dialogue makes me want to break the disc and stab Cliffy B in the neck with the shards! (I swear I’m mentally stable). Example of fantastic dialogue from Gears 2:

    Dom: There is going to be a shitload of grubs down there.
    Marcus: More like TEN shitloads.

    i CAN wait for gears 3.

  2. First of all, where did you get your source? If you could post that then that would be awesome. Second of all, I think Bleszinski has got some good stuff going for him on Gears of War. Sure the dialog may be off a little, but not much. The story line is very good and Epic does a good job of pulling you into it. He does what he does best, he knows how to create dark and gory games that are very artful and cinematic. I don’t think his goal is to have great dialog, but maybe a good writer would help push the game even higher into the rankings. Be expecting a Gears of War 2 review from me next week.

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