Fallout 3: Broken Steel

Broken Steel is the third new content package released by Bethesda for Fallout 3. Bethesda announced the content packages on Dec 10, 2008 and Broken Steel was just recently released on May 7th of this year at the cost of 800 Microsoft points (roughly 10$) for Xbox 360 and PC. This is one of three announced downloadable game packages, the other two being “Operation: Anchorage” and “The Pitt”. Operation: Anchorage was released on January 27, 2009 and The Pitt was just released March 24th. Here at Gamer Syndrome we are going to explore in detail each one of these content packages, now with our exclusive look into the Brotherhood of Steel oriented expansion, Broken Steel.

Broken Steel begins by adding an alternate ending to the orginal storyline, this requires the player to actually finish the game rather than play the expansions mid game as with The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage. The expansion continues the Fallout story by allowing you to continue playing after the choice you make at Project Purity at the end of the game. If you send one of your companions in, then you simply stay as you were, if you sacrficied yourself you wake up two weeks later in The Citadel. Either way, Broken Steel allows your character to join the Brotherhood of Steels fight against the remnant of the Enclave.


After the massacre of Enclave forces by the Brotherhood robot “Liberty Prime”, the war had been going well for the Brotherhood of Steel, until the Enclave manages an orbital strike against Liberty Prime, completely destroying it. This happens during a pivotal battle against a secret Enclave base in located Southwest of Washington D.C. After this deep blow to the Brotherhood, you are tasked with finding the source of the orbital attack, your only clue an encrypted message. While the Brotherhood Scribes work on decyphering the encrypted Enclave codes, you are sent on a mission to gain a Tesla Coil to create a ” Tesla Cannon” for the Brotherhood. The Tesla Coil needed for this weapon is located in “Olney Powerworks”, a pre-war powerpland that was experimenting in alien technology. After this tiresome errand for the Brotherhood, you are tasked to assualt the Enclave at  Adams Air Force Base where you discover the source of the orbital attacks, a gigantic Enclave Crawler. After a bloody struggle, you are faced with the morally ambigious decision to either destroy the Crawler or the Citadel.

As with the previous expansions, you will come across a few new weapons and armor types during the new missions. These include several new flamethrower weapons as well as an awesome Tesla Cannon and Tri-Beam Laser Rifle. The new armor added is primarily stronger Enclave armor types, the best addition bieng the “Enclave Hellfire Armor”. The enemies in the game are basically the same as normal Fallout 3, with a few stronger Super Mutant and Enclave enemy types. One major difference from the other expansions is the raising of the level cap from 20 to 30, and a multitude of new Perks with these levels.


Broken Steel, like the other expansions, will add a few hours of new gameplay to your Fallout repitoire, and at the paltry price of 10$. The added enemies and weapons are not that exciting, but the new level cap adds a great bonus to those wanted to fully explore the Fallout 3 world. As with the other expansions, Broken Steel is a great addition to the game if you are a Fallout fan, but beyond that there is little replay value once you hae completed the missions and reached the new level cap.

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