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Battlestations: Pacific is the much anticipated sequel to Battlestations: Midway, which was released in 2007 by  Eidos Hungary. Released May 12, 2009 in North America and May 15, 2009 in Europe and Australia, Battlestations: Pacific is one of the newest games released for  PC and Xbox 360. Featuring a redesigned graphics engine as well as upgraded physcis engine and damage model, Battlestations: Pacific will be superior to Midway in almost every aspect. Here at Gamer Syndrome, we offer a full in-depth review of Battlestations: Pacific.

Battlestations: Pacific is primarily an action oriented “real-time tactics video game” that allows players to take command of the one of the greatest naval wars of all time, the battle for the Pacific in World War II. This bieng said, the two main factions in Battlestations: Pacific are the United States and Japan. The single player compaign for the United States allows players to battle through a set of historically accurate missions to eventually defeat the Japanese. The campaign option for the Japanese on the other hand allows you to change the course of history and crush the American invaders, eventually winning the war for the Pacific as the Japanese Navy. Both options offer over 28 missions in all, and a great deal of fun gameplay.


The gameplay however, is what makes Battlestations: Pacific a unique tactical game. Players can either take control of specific units such as ships, planes, and even submarines to fight a more action oriented game, or there is the option to control the battle from a tactical standpoint controlling many units at once. Either option is fun and interesting in a unique way, and adds depth and gameplay longevity to the game. The units you will control are all entirely historical, from the Kamikaze fighters of the Japanese to the classic U.S.  B-25 Bomber. This makes the game enjoyable for those interested in naval history as well as those players simply wanting the thrill of combat.

Battlestations: Pacific offers much variety in gameplay, as you are able to have a hands on experience on almost every aspect of the naval battle. Players are allowed to switch between flights of aircraft to firing the massive guns of battleships, then underwater to the covert role of submarine combat. Each role requires an entirely different strategy and provides a new experience each time. On this note, Battlestations: Pacific offers over 100 different units to control and switch between in this fashion.

A welcome addition to the series is also the new multiplayer gameplay options, which are divided into 5 catagories. The first catagory “Island Capture” allows players to battle in a more tactical way, spending points on units and fighting for control of all of the target islands. The second catagory “Duel” is more of a free-for-all action oriented multiplayer option that pits units of the same type against each other unit one player is left. The next option is “Competitive” that forces players to co-operatively compete for enemy kills while on the same team. “Siege” is the forth multiplayer option which splits the players into a defending and attacking team, where one team defends an island stronghold and the other team must capture it in a certain amount of time. The last muliplayer catagory is “Escort” that forces one team to protect a key unit such as an aircraft carrier from the other team, who must destroy it before it reaches it’s destination.


Battlestations: Pacific is a welcome relief from the dozens of other games that tend to be similar in gameplay and tactics. It offers unique gameplay that holds a nice balance between tactical strategy and pure comabt action. Furthermore, Battlestations: Pacific also adds an interesting historical element not seen in many new game releases, and this allows for a realistic plot and storyline. The multiplayer options are diverse and fun, and there are enough different units to control and respectively destroy that the gameplay value is definately worth the price. In all a solid  tactics/action game, and a good addition to any gamers collection.

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  1. I played the demo for this game on Xbox 360, it was fun, the battles got very epic. Controlling the larger battleships was great, you don’t usually get to control those in games.

    I wish that the aircraft controls were a bit more realistic, though. They were pretty arcade-ish.

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