Xbox 360 Update to Ban Unauthorized Memory Units

Xbox 360 Update to Ban Unauthorized Memory Units

Have you been unloyal to Microsoft by using a third party memory unit recently? If so, it is completely understandable. Microsoft’s memory units that feature a measly 512MB can cost you around $29.99 which doesn’t grant gamers many options. Gamers looking for a better deal have been able to purchase third party units that hold 4GB of space and only cost $50.

If you are one of these gamers however, you may want to save up some cash to invest in a Microsoft licensed memory unit. On his blog, Microsoft spokesperson, Major Nelson, has warned Xbox 360 owners that if they have any data stored on a third party memory unit “you’d better move it back onto an authorized Xbox 360 storage device prior to taking the update.”  With the arrival of the new Xbox 360 update to take place this week, Mjor Nelson has stated that, “one of the changes is that unauthorized Memory Units will no longer work with the Xbox 360.”


This may seem unfair to many gamers but the change is already going into affect. Gamers may plan to pass on this update but those who do will miss out on tons of new features such as Facebook, Twitter, MSNBC news, Zune video and more.

On the upside, Microsoft has mentioned that not all cards will be rendered useless on their console. As of now, no list has been made or released to identify which memory units this update will affect. Nonetheless, the company has released some guidelines on which units will be compatible.

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