Bag A Bungie Bust

Bag A Bungie Bust

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed, longing to meet the man of your dreams and realising that the man you are longing for is in fact Master Chief? If so, you should probably seek psychiatric help. However, if yochiefbustu still feel the desire to be close to the Mjolnir clad hero of Halo then ONE2ONE Collectibles may just have the thing for you.

From next month you will be able to purchase a half scale model of the Master Chief’s bust from the ONE2ONE Collectibles website. The sculpture stands twelve inches tall and is twelve inches in width and weighs more than thirteen pounds or six kilograms. The paint work is designed to replicate the Chief’s battle worn armour which is complimented by gold plating of both the visor and the middle of the statues base. The model will set you back a hefty $225 United States Dollars and is clearly targeted at the hardcore Halo fans; but $255 may be a small price to pay for your dream companion. Be warned though that attempts to communicate with the sculpture will result in a very one sided conversation; Master Chief always was the strong silent type.

Following the release of the Master Chief statue later this year ONE2ONE Collectibles have plans to create similar busts of other key figures from the Halo universe including a Spartan soldier, a Brute chieftain and an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.

Clearly these collectible sculptures have been designed for the true fanatics because no-one in a sensible frame of mind would blow that much money on a model. That said, those that do take the oh so deep plunge into the pocket will be reassured by the fact that they are buying into a collection that is comprised of only six hundred and fifty units. This exclusivity is rewarded with an authenticity card that will help to take your mind off the purchase which I think would prove more than enough encouragement for me to plead temporary insanity and get a Master Chief bust for my mantle piece. Either way, he will always be the man of my dreams.

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