Xbox Live Breaks Record: 2 Million Players At Once

Yesterday, Xbox Live had an exciting day. Over 2 million people were connected to Xbox Live’s service all at once. It’s without a doubt that Modern Warfare 2 played a major part in the figures, but regardless, it’s an amazing¬†achievement for Xbox Live.

The announcement was made by “Major Nelson” through Twitter:

We just hit a new #XboxLIVE record: Over TWO MILLION people connected to the service at once.”

What’s strange about this is that I read countless amounts of comments calling Xbox Live a “rip off” and how “Playstation Network is better because it’s free”.

Congratulations Microsoft!

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  1. Call of Duty brings everyone together. No doubt that Modern Warfare 2 had alot of things to do with this but when I went on my friends list. 50 people were online all playing the same game, amazing!!!

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