1 vs 100 Hackers On Xbox Live

Why do this to a family game?

1 vs 100, a fun little game mainly aimed at the younger audience of Xbox Live, and also a game to be played by the whole family. But recently, the game has been exploited by a clan with “Defensive” at the beginning of their gamertags, with little gamerscore.

The report came in after a player recieved a message from one of the clan members apparently named “Danny”, the player then recorded the message.


The player recorded a voice message, not an actual conversation.

And of course, with every accusation, there are disbelievers. Already the forums have sparked an interest to this all, here are what a few people have to say:

“These are not hackers. They are people that play a heck of a lot of Extended Play. There are so many Extended Play sessions that I doubt many play all of them. These guys probably just play every single session, which gives them a better chance to be chosen. The One and Mob are chosen based on the number of questions gotten right, the speed the questions were answered, and the percentage of answers gotten correct during the week during the Extended Play sessions. The answers that you get right during the live show mean nothing in getting chosen.”

“There are like 10 30 minute Extended Play sessions every day. That is 5 hours of questions every day. I seriously doubt that many people will play the game for 5 hours a day, every day. But those that do, have a VERY good chance of being in the The Mob or being The One. I almost think that they should be chosen because they dedicated like 30 hours of playing 1 vs 100 trying to get chosen. It seems to me like they are playing within the confines of the system. Until they break the rules: No player will be allowed to step into the role of the One more than once per season during the US-Canadian Beta.”

Microsoft have not yet commented or released a statement, but I’m sure that with a game still in it’s prime (beta, in fact) they will jump on this case and take care of it promptly.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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