1 vs 100 Beta Extended

You won’t be jumping for long.

Fans of the “1 vs 100” beta will be glad to know that the beta has been given an extended two weeks, due to “popular demand” by the Xbox Live Gold users.

“The season finale will now air on August 29th in North America and the UK and the 30th in other supported European territories. The prize-less “Extended Play” sessions will run until September 13th,” stated Destructoid.com

“In a single night over 215,000 Europeans and roughly 230,000 North Americans played the Primetime title. In a single session “up to” 114,000 people played the game simultaneously in NA, which is apparently some sort of Guinesss record.” These figures are quite shocking, but the numbers have started to drop, quite dramatically.

Maybe Microsoft have addressed the issue of the 1 vs 100 hackers, and have applied a patch, and want to see if it works, or maybe they are doing it keep people hooked on the game (the ones left, that is), who knows.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. There could be a number of reasons and I would tend to think that one of them might be the hacker issue. This would be a good way of testing it at this point. Regardless of the real ‘why’, though, I think it’s great to have more time.

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