NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 – Character Bios

Naruto is a great well rounded character. Both his close-up and long distance attacks are solid. His charged Kunai are a good attack against multiple opponents. Naruto has some unique fighting abilities including the ability to release the 9 tails when Chakara is at full levels. Naruto is a strong fighter that is a match vs any of the characters below.

Rock Lee is a melee focused fighter who has a lot of space controlling attacks. He can kick upwards to control vertical space and use is Leaf Whirlwind attack to control quite a bit of horizontal space. However, these moves can be punished easily if missed or blocked. Rock Lee also has one of, if not, the most damaging jutsu in the game. After opening both gates, Lee’s health will automatically drain quite quickly, but also give him access to the Hidden Lotus- an almost sure victory when landed.

Neji is a fast and clever fighter, who has many ways to control the pace of battle. A lot of Neji’s combos are versatile in the way they can either drain the opponent’s chakra, move in-and-out of 3D space around the enemy, or can be canceled out of. His secondary jutsu, the giant rotation, is a great asset in four player battles as it has quick start-up time and damages everything it touches.

Tenten has an extremely unique fighting style attributed to her ability to summon weapons from the giant scroll on her back. Players can cycle through her weapons with back strong attack, or use strong attack in different situations. Some of her weapons are heavy, slow, and powerful like the giant sword (which has significant guard break properties), while others are quick like the dual one-handed blades. She can even summon a chained scythe to “reel in” her opponents from across the arena. Understanding how to summon each weapon and what their properties are is vital to playing a good Tenten.

Might Guy is another melee combatant who has good control over space, with upward kicks and the horizontal Leaf Whirlwind attack. After opening a gate, Guy’s normal attacks become brutal and do quite a bit more damage. Might Guy can also activate a secondary jutsu to make use of his nunchucks- this is a constant attacks that, while blockable, cannot be substituted out of by the defender if caught. It’s a great way to use chakra to bring control the tempo of the fight and score some devastating hits

Asuma’s specialty is using his chakra blades, so naturally he is a more melee oriented combatant. What’s nice about his chakra blades is that he can extend them with his chakra, and this translates nicely into abilities in the game. He can control horizontal space with his spinning blades technique, but also extend the blades in his uppercuts for vertical control. Asuma can also surprise his enemies by teleporting behind them with back strong attack, and can even follow up into a drop kick with a weak attack.

Shikamaru is as tricky in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 as he is in the animated series. His special “thinking pose” is a very valuable asset in the game. Players can enter the pose with back strong attack, and then from there they can use strong or weak attack to decide how to attack. Both options transport Shikamaru behind his opponent, but one attacks from the air and the other from down low. A lot of his combinations also lead to teleportation too, so Shikamaru players can learn to follow through with these combos or mix-up enemy expectations by stopping combos short and continuing to attack from the front in a new combo.

Choji is a very slow and very heavy hitter. He has a great strong attack grapple move that will toss his enemies to the opposite end of the arena. He’s also got a lot of rolling attacks that take up a huge amount of horizontal space in his strong attacks. The trick with Choji is to get in close and punish the enemy with a few devastating attacks, since just these few will do plenty of damage. Choji is also able to eat potato chips with down strong attack to help him replenish meter. Take advantage of a thrown opponent by munching on some chips and getting ready to jump back into battle.

Kurenai is a genjutsu user and is a tricky opponent. Her down strong attack is useful because it create a cloud that “crumples” the opponent, leaving them unable to block for enough time to combo them. Her back strong attack is also very useful, as it is an automatic teleport to the back side of the enemy. Even trickier- if you find your opponent is expecting the teleport, you can hold the strong attack to expend extra chakra to remain hidden until strong attack is released.

Hinata specializes in the gentle fist style just like Neji, but is not as fast of a fighter. However, her combo strings can generally become very long if Hinata players can successfully combo cancel at the right moments. She also has a handy, funky little jump attack that moves her straight along horizontal space while jumping that is handy in making an aerial attack or moving about the map in an unexpected way.

Kiba is an energetic character with a lot of speed. Some of his summersault attacks have tremendous start up speed and vault him toward the enemy very quickly. They can really useful in catching an enemy off guard. Another one of his assets is his dog Akamaru who follows him onto the battlefield. Akamaru’s attacks are handy because they can be delayed and delivered at will. By holding strong attack,

Akamaru will take an attack stance, and Kiba can continue to attack with weak attack. Since Akamaru’s attacks lift the enemy when they strike, players will find great ways to juggle from combo to combo using careful control of Akamaru.

Shino can be a tricky opponent because of the bugs he controls. Their deliveries vary in speed and duration as well. Sometimes for Shino it’s handy to set out crawling bugs, strafe around opponents and combo them to fall into the bugs, which will continue combo strings. Other bugs will deploy from under the opponent and grab their feet to keep them from moving. With Shino it’s more important to control the movement of your opponents by keeping them on their toes about avoiding the bugs.

Itachi Uchiha makes good use of his clones in battle, as well as a healthy dose of genjutsu. One of his unique attacks is the aerial crow-kunai; it’s unique because instead of simply throwing them at the enemy, he teleports immediately to the ground below after releasing the projectiles. A similar teleportation technique – Itachi’s back strong attached will transport Itachi to the backside of his opponent to work around blocking. Furthermore, by holding a strong attack rather than just tapping it, Itachi will remain disappeared until strong attack is released (while draining chakra all the while). This makes for great timing mix-ups. Itachi’s forward strong attack and up strong attack are clone summoning moves that are great at diverting attention from his real self, while the enemy must deal with the attacking clones and also help by attacking from a distance. Itachi can also create an exploding clone as a counter move by using back jutsu. If stricken in this pose, the clone will explode and damage the attacker greatly. Itachi also has a new aerial Fire Ball jutsu that can be unleashed by hitting the jutsu button in mid air.

Kisame Hoshigaki is very lethal when he can get in close to the opponent. Not only does he inflict a huge amount of damage but his Sharkskin sword attacks drain chakra, and he has the ability to summon a clone who will subdue an opponent with Water Prison Jutsu for a bunch of free hits. The trick with Kisame is to stay as close in as possible to try and land sword hits. Eventually he’ll guard break the enemy and suck out a lot of their chakra, limiting their substitution and wake up options at first. For enemies that are keeping too far away from Kisame, he has a handy secondary jutsu, the Water Shark Bomb, that is an immense horizontal controller and covers a lot of ground, which can be used to knock over far away opponents for long enough to run in and get up close again. This ability is made greater in Latent Ninja Mode by causing more hits and greater guard break. Kisame’s throw is also useful as it slams the opponent straight into the ground and bouncing them upwards for great juggling potential.

Hiruko is a very slow character but the reach of his tail makes him very dangerous. He may skulk about while walking, but mid combo the tail will swipe very quickly and can do a ton of damage. He has the passive benefit of his projectile needles not being deflectable like ordinary kunai. He can also use his back strong ability to poison his opponent to drain life and invert their controls. One of Hiruko’s coolest abilities is the time-sensitive poison that he gets as a latent ninja ability. It acts as a secondary jutsu and if stricken, his enemy is poisoned so that if they don’t defeat Hiruko before time runs out their health automatically drops to zero and they lose. Using this mechanic may work when the odds are against Hiruko – he can use this jutsu and play keep away to try and survive and let time run out for the win.

Deidara makes a lot of use of his explosive clay creations and most Deidara players will attack from a distance. Sending out explosive spiders and birds in key as it forces his opponent to shift awareness to these bombs. In latent ninja mode, they are even more lethal – he will drop three times as many explosives, and the spiders will track the enemy. This is a great defense as well, since players will usually run into spiders while comboing Deidara; or get hit by a homing spider trying to throw. These clay explosives can be detonated at any time using back strong. If a player is hit by detonated clay (as opposed to them running into them naturally), they will do more damage and have higher guard crush. Deidara’s secondary jutsu is a great asset in four-player free-for-all matches; it’s a giant bomb that destroys almost everything on screen! Deidara has a new custom throw in Revolution 3 in which he puts an explosive spider on his opponent’s face. He also has a wicked counter jutsu that does a ton of damage.

Sasori is a really cool character with a nice variety in his move set. He has strong melee attacks that utilize his mechanical “wings” to do heavy close damage, or long ranged attacks with the cord that comes out of his mid-section. He can also use forward strong attack to spout a stream of fire at the enemy, and can be held for extra damage at the cost of some chakra. Since Sasori is mostly mechanical he has a fitting unique ability – if attacked while simply walking forward, Sasori will have hyper armor and not receive any knockback effects. He still takes damage, but this is a handy way to minimize block or hit stun. Sasori’s secondary jutsu uses the third Kazekage for strong attack jutsu – it has 100% guard crush properties and will poison the opponent. In two-man squad format matches, if players choose Hiruko or Sasori, they will operate as one character with unique transformation animation once Hiruko’s life is depleted.

Gaara is a highly defensive character whose latent ninja powers accentuate his defenses – in latent ninja mode, Gaara can block everything from any direction in a neutral pose. New in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Gaara also has a special sand coffin ability that can be activated during blockstun. If Gaara players can telegraph attacks appropriately, they can activate it while blocking for a nice counter maneuver. His up strong attack is a popular sand attack where he rises from underneath the enemy to lift them up. It can be used on unsuspecting foes to pop them up, or to continue a juggling combo.

Temari’s wind abilities are very powerful space controllers on the battlefield, and account for not only her high damage output, but also her level of safety. Even when blocked, the wind that Temari expels with her giant fan pushes enemies away from her, giving her more breathing room to attack from a distance again. New to Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is Temari’s ability to summon a weasel to attack alongside her. The weasel has a fixed target, notated by the lantern above the enemy’s head. If it can land an attack, it’s usually very helpful in creating combo opportunities for Temari herself.

Kankuro is a puppet master and utilizes them for his attacks. One thing to get used to with Kankuro is the fact that he does not throw his opponents – his puppets do. This means that the throw command can be executed even when Kankuro is airborne. The throw command also launches Kankuro’s puppet toward the enemy, so they don’t have to be immediately nearby. Gamers can take advantage of this to throw off opponent’s expectations. His strong attacks control the other puppet, which can be used to attack from all the way across the screen. This is useful in creating a lot of space between himself and his opponent, while still being able to do damage. One thing Kankuro has to be careful about – if the enemy uses Substitution while he’s attacking from a distance, they’ll teleport right next to him and his puppets will be too far away to help out. So mind his enemy’s chakra and be ready to side step oncoming attacks.

Baki has some nice wind-based abilities that linger on screen after they are unleashed. These are helpful in creating sandwiching situations where he can sandwich an opponent between attacks and the imminent damage of the tornados he sets out. Baki also has the unique ability to pull people toward him with wind, to perhaps enable a throw or keep an enemy from gaining too much distance.

Chiyo is one of the most unique characters in the game, and a completely new addition to the Clash of Ninja roster. All of her attacks are done through the use of her two puppets. The strong attacks control one puppet, while the weak attacks control the other. The throw button, however, can be used in conjunction with directional inputs to do different things. Holding back and press throw creates an especially defensive chakra shield, while pressing other directions will let Chiyo call either puppet back to her position. Her dash attacks are great because, while she’s running at the opponent, she’ll be replaced by whichever puppet she calls, who then will go on the offensive. This is good for some damage and as a positioning tactic.

Anko is a slower fighter who is melee oriented. She also has the ability to summon snakes to attack her opponents. In fact, one of her latent ninja powers is that her snake-based attacks do more damage. Anko also has an exciting new ability: the option to change forms and activate her curse seal. After activating the curse seal, Anko does loads more damage than normal at the cost of some chakra and continuously losing a bit of health.

Yugao is an extremely fast and agile character who will use her speed to her advantage. A lot of her attacks take advantage of the Anbu sword she carries, which not only does a lot of damage, but drives her enemies hard away from her or into the ground. Her jumping shuriken throw is a nice way to throw off the opponent’s expectations because it changes her trajectory completely.

Jiraiya is a powerhouse, and you would do well to stay out of his combos, as they can do a great deal of damage. But he also has a few nasty tricks up his sleeve other than his raw power. His back strong attack activates Needle Jizo, which covers him in spikes and does damage to anything that touches it. After knocking an opponent to the ground, Jiraiya can go up to them and activate it to do unavoidable ground damage. He’s also got a super handy down strong attack that creates an oil puddle under the enemy. If Jiraiya players can throw their opponents, they can quickly activate down strong, and the enemy will land in it, then be thrown back up into the air, giving Jiraiya enough time to come back into range to juggle into a combo.

Tsunade is a melee centric character who uses her super strength to her advantage. One of Tsunade’s basic techniques is the disruption ability- in any combo that uses strong attack, when the player holds it instead of pressing it quickly, it will confuse the enemy’s inputs, making them all reversed. Tsunade has the ability to break giant cracks into the ground but these are relatively unsafe because they only control horizontal space very low (on the ground) and they are slow recovery moves. The trick is to use this ability to chip away at opponents while they are grounded after a combo. Her forward strong flick is a unique ability that can “catch” falling opponents and flick them away, and is a nice way to punctuate a combo (and do additional damage).

Kagura is a tricky character who uses wires to subdue her opponents. One of her new abilities for Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is that her swinging wires can be chained one-after-another up to three times to swing back and forth across the screen. Her forward strong attack is also really handy- it latches a wire to the enemy’s feet, then pulls them up and into the air for juggling opportunities. Her down strong is useful as well. It tracks the enemy, causing wires to erupt up from underneath her target. It can track running enemies or cause nice damage on a grounded opponent.

Bando’s signature moves come from his chakra cannons. He’s got two types of cannons: fire and electricity. The electrical cannon is especially dangerous- it subdues enemies for a short time, making it easy for Bando to come in close for his heavy, high-damage melee attacks. His secondary jutsu is also extremely useful. Once activated, he has super armor that eliminates all block stun, making it even easier for him to move in to attack.

Towa has a tattoo on his arm that he can extend and attack with. He can activate “claws” from this tattoo with back strong, which gives him a slightly different move set and makes his attack do more damage. One of his coolest abilities is the tattoo drill he activates with forward strong. It’s a heavy forward moving attack that takes up quite a bit of space and helps Towa control movement on the playing field. Towa also has a handy secondary jutsu in which he extends his tattoo into a gigantic baton and makes a big swipe, which will hit most everything on the screen.

Komachi uses the senbon needles in her hair to attack her enemies. Using strong attack in the air will make her throw the senbon down at her target. However, if strong attack is held instead, the senbon will hovers in mid-air until released. This technique drains chakra, but Komachi can continue to fight while strong attack is held, making it a nice addition to a combination, or quick defense against a substitution jutsu by the enemy.

Sai’s unique ability is creating attacks that jump off the page as he draws them. Sai can quickly scribble out birds or beasts that hop out of his scroll to attack his opponent. Generally his strong attacks lead to these ink creations and knowing their startup times and trajectories is important in combining them with cancels to create dangerous chained combos.

Yamato is a great all-around character with some neat wood-based attacks up his sleeve. His forward-strong attack creates a wood trap that grabs and holds an enemy in place. His jump-strong attack is also a downward log that hit multiple times, particularly useful in creating extra damage to fallen enemies.

Hidan is a character whose interesting fiction was turned into interesting game mechanics. He is immortal because of his religious connection to Jashin (his God), and his most devastating jutsu involves connecting himself to an enemy via their blood, and using himself as a voodoo doll to attack! In the game, if you see him drawing a seal on the floor, get him out of there! Standing in it allows him to use a secondary jutsu that is instant, unblockable, and highly damaging.

Kakuzu has gained the ability to use multiple elemental jutsu because of the hearts of his enemies he’s stolen. Like most other characters, the strong attack activates these more damaging attacks. However, in a unique twist, it’s the direction that’s pressed after the strong attack is activated, that define which jutsu come out. Using strong attack, then quickly pressing down, for instance, will direct Kakuzu to lay a stream of fire onto the ground. He’s also capable of an upwards wind attack, and a forward, mid-range lightning attack.

Anbu Kakashi is a younger incarnation of the famed sensei we know and love today. While much wiser today, Anbu Kakashi’s fighting style embodies the power and naiveté of a young, successful ninja, in that he has an amazing offensive potential, but a lot of these offensive tools may leave him open and defenseless if properly guarded against. Ultimately most powerful with his Sharingan active, his running strong attack in this mode is an instant guard crush Chidori. He can also perform special techniques out of blockstun and when meeting his opponent in midair.

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