It’s Official: Wii Price Cut

After much speculation regarding the Wii’s price cut, we finally have the cold, hard facts.  Much like its current-gen competitors Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has decided that it’s high time the Wii’s price got slashed.  The shiny white console which sold for $249.99 since its launch up until now will be reduced to $199.99.

Consumers can expect to see the Wii’s first price cut starting Sunday, September 27.  With both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 already reduced in price, it was quite obvious that Nintendo would lower the price of their console.  The package will include one Wii Remote and Nunchuk as well as a copy of Wii Sports, just like it did before.  No other software or accessories have been announced.

Since February, Wii sales have gone down noticeably.  A price cut seems like the ideal thing to do.  The reduction of $50 may ensure interest in the console, and people will surely be picking it up this holiday season.  This price cut also allows for the console to compete with its current-gen combatants whose prices have also seen reductions.

Since the Wii launched in late 2006, we have seen both Sony and Microsoft offer different models of their consoles with prices going lower and lower while the Wii’s price remained intact.  This summer has definitely been the season of price cuts in terms of video game hardware.  With all three home consoles now substantially low in price, we may see more and more people making purchases.  If Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii units were flying off store shelves before, it is obvious that that will continue to happen.

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  1. Hmm, it was quite obvious that Nintendo would slash their prices sooner or later.

    Nintendo always seems to do the best at Christmas, and seeing as the DSi has been launched, and the Wii price cut, expect a Nintendo Christmas this year.

  2. maybe i should buy one now haha, i was so close one time, literally money in pocket and on my way to EB. Then I just… bought clothes or something

  3. Why couldn’t they have done this a year and a half ago when I bought my for $249? LOL. Oh, well. Maybe this will help drive sales during the Christmas season. I just remember how hard it was to get mine because the inventory just trickled in so slowly.

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