Resident Evil Criticised by Clergy Members?

It seems to be general trend nowadays for games to be demonised by MP’s, parents and anyone else who hasn’t actually took the time to try out the game they have a problem with.

UK clergy members, who were originally reported to be against the glamorisation of violence in Resident Evil: The Dark Chronicles, have complained that their comments had been taken out of context. Rt. Rev Smith, when talking to TVG, had this to say:

“I made it clear that I was not qualified to make a comment, I suggested that the researcher should contact someone in one of the dioceses in London where I understood she was working.”

He went on further to illustrate the misunderstanding by adding:

“I know enough not to go offering outright condemnation of things about which I know comparatively little,”

A full statement of the “attack” doesn’t seem to be available, just the following clip:

“If we dabble in this area we open ourselves to influences and put ourselves at risk. I would regard any encouragement for children to be drawn into this behaviour with extreme horror.”

Upon hearing the original reported complaint by the clergy, Capcom made a point of issuing a statement in response:

“This is scaremongering and typical religious hysteria. You cannot blame society’s ills on video games. It’s just absurd. Most games (and movies) like Resident Evil show characters fighting evil not supporting it. Unfortunately the clergy is showing a lack of understanding of the video games industry and is too quick to splash the holy water and lump video games players into stereotypical boxes.”

It seems as though Capcom’s comments may not have been necessary and it also seems as though these various “protests” concerning violent games add appeal.

So is this what’s going to happen here on out? Someone makes a slight against a game’s graphic content and it becomes headline news?

There are always going to be people who hate violent games and there are always going to be people who love them.

It’s probably best to stay clear of the whole argument.

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