Megaman 10 Announced for the Wii

Megaman 10 Announced for the Wii

Nintendo Power have announced that Capcom are working on a new addition to the Megaman series which will be coming to the Wiiware channel early next year.

Like Megaman 9, this installment of the popular series will use an 8-bit, NES style. As well as being able to Play as Megaman himself the game also sees the return of Protoman and a third mystery character.

Players can expect all of the wacky action they know and love from the series with bosses such as Sheep Man confirmed, an enemy who attacks the player using an electrical attack. The sneak peak has also revealed news of an “easy mode” option which should allow younger players and those unfamiliar with the often fast-paced side-scroller to jump into the action.

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