WIIWAA – Plush Wii Puppet Game For Kids

Now your kids can start playing Wii at an even younger age then you ever thought possible.  With this need little toy with a Wii controller pouch your kids can now traverse through this games many levels and mini games directly controlling the in game character by moving the plush toy.  Although the Toy looks like a freaky little alien that even his mother disposed of im sure the game vendor will come out with a pink girl version with a princess crown to satisfy all little kids around the earth.  And done worry North America,  WIIWAA is not available for you….. yet.. 😉 (oh and look we have screen shots below)

Gothenburg, 18th November 2009. Independent game development studio ZOINK GAMES AB have released a video revealing the concept behind their upcoming Wii game.

“Wiiwaa” is the working title for a new video game for the Nintendo Wii home entertainment system under development at Zoink Games. The idea for this game is as stunning as it is unique: the game ships with a special plush toy puppet that has a slot into which the Wii’s motion sensitive controller can be inserted. The game is then played simply by moving the puppet. Movements the player applies to the puppet are reflected by the character in the game.

In the game, the player takes care of a cute little Wiiwaa creature as he explores a lush game universe, plays various minigames and unravels a fantastic adventure story.

“Use your Wiiwaa puppet to control this little fellow just like a puppeteer would do. Walk, jump, dance, do crazy somersaults – whatever you do with your Wiiwaa puppet directly affects the Wiiwaa in the game. This innovative control system makes it super intuitive to tell the creature where to go and what to do. I don’t think there has ever been a simpler and more natural way to play a videogame. Just pop in your controller and your Wiiwaa comes to life on the screen!” comments Klaus Lyngeled, Creative Director at Zoink Entertainment and originator of the concept. “The Wiiwaa plush toy expands the game from the screen and into the living room. Your hero and friend is right there with you, and you can continue playing with him even after the game console has been switched off.”

Gameplay in WIIWAA is all about movement and rythm. All gameplay mechanics require you to move the puppet in a certain unique way. The game features more than a dozen different minigames that each introduce new gameplay. The game also requires you to permanently look after the well-being of your Wiiwaa creature and make sure it is clean, well fed and gets enough sleep and recreation.

Lyngeled is convinced of the tremendous potential of the product: “Wiiwaa is a game that transcends gender and age. Kids will appreciate the simplicity of it and how natural it feels to play. With this game, parents provide non-violent, intelligent entertainment for their kids that even motivates them to exercise their physique and train their coordination skills. But it is not strictly a game for kids – like in a Pixar movie, there is something in there for everyone. Grown-up gamers too will enjoy the action, the humor and the freshness of the experience. We are working hard to make sure the game is enjoyable for the whole family and for all age groups.”

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