Wii is now official exercise sports equipment

Wii is now official exercise sports equipment

Well its official, the Wii and the balance board (Wii fit plus) is now considered exercise equipment.. well sort of.  Your used to seeing the Wii and other game consoles sold at retailers such as bestbuy, fred myers, gamstop etc… but now you can officially buy the Wii and the Wii Fit Balance board at Sports Authority. Sports Authority says:

Aside from being able to pick up a Wii and Wii Fit Plus, consumers will also find Sports Authority stores that boast a Wii “interactive fitness experience.” The section of the store will have “knowledgeable fitness trainers allowing customers to try Wii and Wii Fit Plus before they buy.”

there is much controversy surrounding the Wii and how much of a workout it actually provides.  the American Council on Exercise found that the game offers a “very, very mild workout.”  This being said the Wii still provides fitness and game products that can be beneficial such as Wii Yoga which does not provide an intensive workout but still provides sufficient enough body movement and Yoga action to be considered a “session”.

What do the readers think? does the Wii have what it takes to be considered exercise? or is it just a toy that makes you look like a fool waving around your arms?

I lost 200 punds plaing Wii Boxing, and look at me now! im a lean mean fighting machine.

I lost 200 punds playing Wii Boxing, and look at me now! im a lean mean fighting machine.

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