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Ok im not really into Yoga but lets face it, Yoga is super expensive! now you can do Yoga at home with something other then a junky DVD.  All you need to do is invest in a Nintendo Wii and a Balance board which will pay for itself in a month!

The world’s first 100% Yoga gaming experience is to be released by the Austrian publisher JoWooD for Wii™ in November. It includes 30 different Yoga poses to support your mental and physical well-being and soul.

From November on, “Yoga” for Nintendo’s console, Wii ™, allows players to take a Yoga class with a real Guru – right in your own living room! No matter if you’re a beginner or a Yoga expert: Create and modify your individual training program, then practice your poses in seven highly detailed levels based on authentic places and buildings in Asia. An interactive Yoga Guru provides vital feedback, while top model Anja Rubik guides you through the game’s core features and tells you her own personal Yoga secrets. Using the Balance Board™, players receive feedback on how well they’re doing in the breathing and balance exercises.

A total of 30 Yoga poses bring you mental and physical well-being and health for soul, spirit and body. Top model Anja Rubik, currently ranked third in the international Model Ranking, offers a short preview of what is in store for “Yoga” players:

Mountain Pose – Tadasana
The standing posture Tadasana is one of Yoga’s most important and basic poses – it is the beginning and end point for most standing poses, and is well-suited for beginners. The Mountain Pose helps one achieve an upright posture: The balls of the feet and the heel are placed firmly on the ground, the arches raised slightly, and the toes spread. The back should be straight with the arms held straight down to the sides. Thoughts are calm and the body is calm and stable – like a mountain. The mountain pose can easily be integrated into everyday life and helps you train good, correct posture – the huge benefits of which, both on physical and mental well-being, can be felt immediately.

Corpse Pose – Shavasana

Shavasana, the Corpse Pose, is a basic Yoga posture: You lie back, completely relaxed, and feel the contact with the ground with all body parts that touch the Earth. The head and neck should be straight. In order to relax, concentrate your mind on each body part, one after the other, and pay close attention to everything this body part is feeling. Any tension present is thus released automatically. Shavasana is frequently used as a relaxation exercise at the start of a Yoga session, or as a meditative finish to a challenging practice session.

Lotus Position – Padmasana
The Lotus is probably one of Yoga’s most well-known positions. The triangle formed by the rump, knees and arms forms a stable foundation. The Lotus position is a perfect pose for meditation since it allows one to remain utterly motionless and concentrated for a long time. The heels of the feet, each resting on the opposed thigh, activate important energy spots in the abdominal area, the hands rest comfortably on the knees, the head and neck are straight and help upright, but relaxed. Slow and measured breathing helps to relax muscles and lower blood pressure. There is increased blood flow to the abdominal area, which helps activate nerves near the Os Sacrum and tailbone. This also has positive effects on the digestive tract.

Lord of the Dance – Natarajasana
Natarajasana (also known as Natarajasan, Nataraj oder Nataraja Asana) is one of Yoga’s simpler balance exercises. To perform this pose, stand upright and set your eyes on a fixed point. The pelvic and abdominal muscles are tensed. Now move your weight to your left leg, then grasp your right leg with your right hand and gently guide it upward, while the left arm extends horizontally. The upper body leans forward or back and up. Advanced practitioners can bring their foot up to the head. This Yoga pose is beneficial to balance, strengthens the rump muscles and vitalizes the entire body.

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  1. Yeah I am a skeptic when it comes to how much the wii board and video games will actually work when it comes to exercise its really been the trend for 15+ years that game makers have tried to incorporate being active into their games.. All I know is that Yoga is expensive and iv heard a lot of people in Japan talking about buying a wii just for this game.

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