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The first 100 percent Yoga experience for the Nintendo Wii™ is released by JoWooD Productions and Dreamcatcher and will hit the stores in November. With Anja Rubik, ranked as number 3 of international female models, JoWooD releases the first official trailer which features Anja Rubik and some in-game sequences.


Vogue Paris, Vogue Nippon, Vogue Germany, Spur Magazin Toki, Time Magazine Style & Designs – it doesn’t matter which magazines you have read during the last couple of weeks, Anja Rubik was present in all of them. The 24 year old Top model from Poland became THE rising star in the international model business. Besides the vast coverage in several notable magazines, Anja is also featured in numerous campaigns like e.g. Gucci, Etro, Balmain, Barney’s New York, GAP, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Jones New York.

The international coverage pays off!, an international model website of worldwide renown, currently ranks Anja on the third place of the world’s most wanted, female top models.

Apart from her skyrocketed career, Anja is a true Yoga enthusiast, and represents this ancient Indian philosophy in a very authentic way. Anja Rubik’s commitment to Yoga for Wii™ helps her getting trough the days and weeks of her tightly set schedule: “Yoga enables me to stay fit and maintain my body shape; my joints stay relaxed and agile. Another very important part of Yoga is the right breathing, which helps me personally to stay calm in some stressful situations. Even my lower back problems, caused by high heeled shoes, are gone!”

Currently, Anja attends Yoga lessons in New York regularly, but with “Yoga for Wii” at hand; she can practice her Yoga at any city around the world! “This Yoga game is awesome! It is challenging, but in a comfortable way as it never pushes me to the limit, as seen in other fitness games. Afterwards I feel relaxed and fit!”
Anja is not just a grace to the cover of this new lifestyle game, but will also guide the players’ trough the game and help her/him with useful tips and tricks.

As opposed to other games, “Yoga for Wii” provides players with a 100% Yoga experience. The approach: Become one with your body, mind and soul – with the Balance Board™ in your own living room. “Yoga for Wii is a high-quality game and was designed for all those who are interested in learning more about this ancient Indian philosophy and who want to get their body in shape whilst maintaining a balanced mind,” says Markus Reutner, Marketing Manager at JoWooD.
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  1. Well this is certainly a little different and I’m really not sure that I’m interested. It sounds like just a chance to tag her name onto something and bring in some cash. Actually, I think I’ll probably pass on this one.

  2. this game will actually be a huge hit, its already all the rage in Japan when I was there people where talking about how expensive Yoga was and how they would save money with Wii Yoga.. not sure how that materialized but its definitely on the right track. Id do Wii Yoga over buying a DVD yoga video any day.

  3. I love how the Wii is slowly becoming a fitness and all-around wellbeing machine, it’s diversifying it’s appeal and that’s pretty impressive.
    On the Yoga game, I can see it being a huge hit, especially given how expensive Yoga is in places like the UK, and videos don’t really cut it..

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