Wii Sports Resort

Ready for some outdoor adventures?  If so Wii Sports Resort is the game to play. A sequal to Wii Sports this game is jammed packed with action and adventure. The game consists of 12 separate sports which are played on the resort of Wuhu Island.   Away from the fighting, action games that have populated the market this game comes with a different focus all together. It was developed by the popular Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo. With the reputation, Nintendo has built for it this game should be unleashing the best of what Nintendo can produce.

The game is available online with the use of Nintendo Wi Fi Connection, Nintendo points, Wii system software and WiiConect24. The Wii series includes music, chess, and chess and thus far, the sports resort seems to have the most entertainment and options. The games can be played with the use of Wii Remote, Wii Motion Plus and Nunchuk.


The games featured on the Wii Sports Resort include canoeing, Archery, Basketball, Air sports, Cycling, Bowling, Wakeboarding, Table tennis, Golf, Disc dog, Sword play and Power cruising. The choice of games is reasonable as you can play around and experiment which one will interest you the most if it is not all of them. This game can also offer quality and interesting time with the family. The game will only be released in Japan in June 2009 before being released in the US and Europe a month later specifically in Australia, EU and lastly in North America on July 26 2009.


Wii Sports Resort not only offers a wide variety of games that one can select on. They promise to be entertaining and they give one the chance to play what they prefer at any given time. Therefore, boredom and excessive repetition is not likely to occur with the Wii Sports Resort. The setting of the game is on a beach resort that is located on an Island called the Wuhu Island.
The official input methods for this game are namely the Wii remote, Nunchuk and Wii MotionPlus. Wii is the single supporting platform for the Wii Sports Resort.

As for the ratings, one can only wait until it has been released. What we can only do right now is truy and imagine if this game is really going to tickle our fancy. To avoid speculation and distortion, the release is not too far from the corner hence; our patience may eventually pay when Wii Sports Resort has been released to the rest of the world.  The much anticipated Wii Sports resort is set to be released on June 25 2009.

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  1. Cool, the original was pretty much a tech demo, but this looks pretty awesome. I hope it has fencing as a sport, not done that in years, and I’m a damn good fencer.

  2. yah I played a wii once, I felt pretty goofy waving around the nunchuk (probably looked like one to). I heard wii fit is pretty good though, they where thinking of using it in hospitals or something to help rehabilitate people.

  3. Yeah, it is goofy, but that’s what fun is about, goofing off. I’m still paranoid I’ll break the TV when my hand sweats too much though.

  4. I think Wii Sports is still what I play the most when I’m on the Wii. This all sounds very promising, can’t wait to try it out in a couple of weeks.

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