Wii Cyberbike comes with a bike


Discover the very first video game that comes with an exercise bike—have fun while pedalling! Cyberbike introduces a brand new way to do sports in your living room. The game invites you use your eco-citizen’s head and legs to clean up the planet. Clear paths and roads of the sources of pollution that are ruining the environment as you cycle along on some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined—on land, sea and air. Using the bike included with the game, players are able to ride through 18 different circuits. As you progress, numerous accessories are unlocked to customise your vehicles and equipment, such as new backpacks and new vehicle colours.

There’s something for all the family with three game modes: Fitness, Story, and Multiplayer (up to four players taking turns).

The exercise bike bundled with the game is a genuine innovation. It is simple to connect it to your Nintendo Wii and can be used by all the family thanks to the adjustable saddle and handlebars.


Discover My Body Coach, your new personal trainer! Stressed? Looking to shed a few pounds? Want to tone up but never find time to get to the gym? With My Body Coach you can get sporty any time you like, in the comfort of your own living room.

Developed in partnership with sports and nutrition specialists, My Body Coach provides you with a personal programme adapted to your age, sex, weight and physical condition. The famous trainer to Hollywood stars, Valérie Orsoni, follows your progress and provides precious advice every step of the way. To complement your sporting activities you’ll be given all the advice on nutrition you’ll need, including suggestions for meals.

You can decide to follow your personal programme to the letter or jump straight into the gym with a session of your choice. Set the duration and type of exercise, (muscle strengthening, or cardio training) and go! Your every movement is captured by the Wiimotes and transmitted to the virtual coach who will guide your activities from your TV screen.

With sessions from seven minutes to an hour long, warm up and stretching included, your activities are ever changing so you’ll never get bored. Over 200 different movements!

My Body Coach comes with two 500g dumbbells into which you slide the Wiimotes.

A genuine customised training program, My Body Coach will train every part of your body and help you reach the objectives you set for yourself. My Body Coach is more than a video game: it’s the ideal training partner for sports.

My Body Coach will launch on 20th November while Cyberbike will be published in January 2010, both from Big Ben Interactive.

Cost on this bike has not yet been released but my guess is that it will be in the range of 299.00-399.00 USD. Perfect timing for the christmas rush and the winter at home lazy people.  Check out the screen shots below, it looks like you are not limited to bike riding for the 18 courses but also helicopter and underwater submarine courses are also available.  This should be a great interactive game fun for the whole family.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. game ideas for this are definitely limited. What they should have done is sold a Nintendo Wii branded bike trainer for $150, which you then could hook up any of your bikes to.

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