We Sing is Selling out In Stores

Who would have though four people singing out of tune together would be so popular? Its hard enough to get one person up to the Karaoke mike some times but 4 singing together, is an amazing feat on its own. We thought We Sing would be a popular Christmas game but sold out at some retail stores in the UK? we are impressed! (unless it was simply just lack of shipping stock). This is definitely a game that is fun for the family and friends and has had lots of great reviews about both the technology and the game play itself.

Monday 23rd November 2009: Videogame publisher Nordic Games is working closely with retailers to meet the huge demand for We Sing.

We Sing – the first karaoke title ever to allow four players to sing simultaneously – was successfully launched this weekend, entering the Wii charts as the second-highest new entry and coming in as the seventh-highest selling Wii title of the weekend.

Demand for the game has been so high that Nordic Games is now working closely with their distributors to make sure retailers are re-stocked with copies of the game. The next scheduled shipment of We Sing is expected to arrive the second week of December.

Nik Blower, Sales & Marketing Director, Nordic Games Publishing AB, says: “We’ve sold more in two days than the other Wii singing games put together – of course we’re happy! It’s not often that a title released exclusively for the Wii from a third party publisher receives such a great response from consumers and we are delighted to be bucking that trend. Early feedback from across PAL territories suggests we’re going to enjoy the same success as we are in the UK. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped us achieve our desire to win, and win big.”

We Sing is the only karaoke-style game to feature simultaneous four-player performances. The game’s Party mode has been carefully designed to deliver maximum fun for all players. Friends can compete in five exciting challenges including, We Sing, Versus Mode, Group Battle, Pass the Mic and First to 5000 points.

We Sing is available exclusively for Nintendo Wii now. Suggested retail prices start from £29.99.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. You know what it is? It’s the fact that all of us is a little bit of a ham and loves to secretly sing. Think about the number of people who sing in showers. LOL. So for something like this to sell out so quickly is really no surprise.

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