NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Tips and Tricks

New tips and tricks for Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution for Sai, Kakuzu, Yamato and Hidan.  This is the first release of many character tips from Tomy for the new smash Naruto Shippuden video game recently released. will be brining you these tips as they are released so stay tuned!

TOMY Corporation today released the first installment of tips and tricks for the just released NARUTO™ Shippuden: Clash of Ninja® Revolution 3 with a guide to the new Latent Ninja Powers feature, as well as gameplay footage featuring unlockable characters Sai, Yamato, Kakuzu and Hidan unleashing their signature jutsu. Players can experience the death defying ninja moves of four popular Naruto characters and the latent ninja powers for the 40 ninja that are playable in the game.

Now available exclusively for Wii™, the classic 3D fighting game features new and improved gameplay mechanics, multiple gameplay modes, and for the first time, Wi-Fi multiplayer functionality.

A brief description of Sai, Yamato, Kakuzu and Hidan along with their signature jutsu can be found below:

Sai’s unique ability is creating attacks that jump off the page as he draws them. Sai can quickly scribble out birds or beasts that hop out of his scroll to attack his opponent. Generally his strong attacks lead to these ink creations, and knowing their startup times and trajectories is important in combining them with cancels to create dangerous chained combos.

Yamato is a great all-around character with some neat wood-based attacks up his sleeve. His forward-strong attack creates a wood trap that grabs and holds an enemy in place. His jump-strong attack is also a downward log that hits opponents multiple times, which is particularly useful in creating extra damage to fallen enemies.

Kakuzu has gained the ability to use multiple elemental jutsu because of the hearts of his enemies he’s stolen. Like most other characters, using the strong attack activates these more damaging attacks. However, in a unique twist, it’s the direction that’s pressed after the strong attack is activated that defines which jutsu occurs. Using strong attack, then quickly pressing down, will direct Kakuzu to lay a stream of fire onto the ground. He’s also capable of an upward wind attack and a forward, mid-range lightning attack.

Hidan is a character whose interesting back-story was turned into interesting game mechanics. He is immortal because of his religious connection to Jashin (his god), and his most devastating jutsu involves connecting himself to an enemy via their blood, and using himself as a voodoo doll to attack. In the game, if a player witnesses him drawing a seal on the floor they should immediately retreat. Standing in it allows him to use a secondary jutsu that is instant, unblockable and highly damaging.


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