NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 New Characters

4 new characters announced for Naruto Shippuden Clash of the Ninja video game. I can see why Jiraiya and Tsunade would be in the game being two of the great sennin but Anko and Yugao? they as far as I know dont even show up in the latest shippuden episodes (and Anko is by far probably the weakest fighter in the game? I guess the cursed seal helps her out in the game.. but in the anime she could never use it.. but lets not get into that).  Strange choice of characters to add (I would have put in Pain and more Akatsuki characters.. but of course im just a fan and not a video game developer 😉

TOMY Corporation today released brand-new gameplay footage showcasing the distinctive jutsu moves of the popular ninja from the upcoming Wii™ fighting game, NARUTO Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. The footage reveals the signature moves of four never-before-seen characters in the game: Anko, Yugao, Jiraiya and Tsunade, all executing their unique high-impact combat moves.

Players can experience the game for themselves on November 17 when they can play as these powerful ninja and experience new modes in this classic 3D fighting game exclusively for Wii. With more than 35 characters, the latest iteration in the series features new and improved gameplay mechanics and for the first time, WiFi gameplay functionality.

A brief description of each newly announced character and their special jutsu moves is also below:

is a slower fighter who is melee oriented. She also has the ability to summon snakes to attack her opponents. In fact, one of her latent ninja powers is that her snake-based attacks do more damage. Anko also has an exciting new ability: the option to change forms and activate her curse seal. After activating the curse seal, Anko does loads more damage than normal at the cost of some chakra and continuously losing a bit of health. Opponents, beware!

naruto_shippuden_anko (Small)

Yugao is an extremely fast and agile character who will use her speed to her advantage. A lot of her attacks take advantage of the Anbu sword she carries, which not only does a lot of damage, but drives her enemies hard away from her or into the ground. Her jumping shuriken throw is a nice way to throw off the opponent’s expectations because it changes her trajectory completely.
naruto_shippuden_anko (3) (Small)
Jiraiya is a powerhouse, and you would do well to stay out of his combos, as they can do a great deal of damage. But he also has a few nasty tricks up his sleeve other than his raw power. His back strong attack activates Needle Jizo, which covers him in spikes and does damage to anything that touches it. After knocking an opponent to the ground, Jiraiya can go up to them and activate it to do unavoidable ground damage. He’s also got a super handy down strong attack that creates an oil puddle under the enemy. If Jiraiya players can throw their opponents, they can quickly activate down strong, and the enemy will land in it, then be thrown back up into the air, giving Jiraiya enough time to come back into range to juggle into a combo.
naruto_shippuden_anko (1) (Small)
Tsunade is a melee centric character who uses her super strength to her advantage. One of Tsunade’s basic techniques is the disruption ability- in any combo that uses strong attack, when the player holds it instead of pressing it quickly, it will confuse the enemy’s inputs, making them all reversed. Tsunade has the ability to break giant cracks into the ground but these are relatively unsafe because they only control horizontal space very low (on the ground) and they are slow recovery moves. The trick is to use this ability to chip away at opponents while they are grounded after a combo. Her forward strong flick is a unique ability that can “catch” falling opponents and flick them away, and is a nice way to punctuate a combo (and do additional damage).

naruto_shippuden_anko (2) (Small)


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  1. Ef > Bleach, bwahahahaha!

    ph33r Chihiro’s amnesia! She’ll kill you and forget where she buried you! The perfect alibi! Not remembering where you hit the body! Or not, she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    Seriously now, this actually looks pretty good, nowhere near Tenkaichi 3 though. That game is how anime games are supposed to be.

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