Naruto Shippen: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3

The Clash of the Ninja Revolution 3 is the latest of the series of the Clash of the Ninja and is yet to be released in fall of 2009. The first Naruto Game was released in 2003 and unfortunately most of the games are limited to Japan with a few that have been released in North America. It is a more improved and more exciting game and is set in such a way to keep player intrigued all the way. The Wii is the platform used for the game.  It unleashes adventure, and action and is likely to be one of the most appreciated fighting video games following the previous series. The last having been released in February 2009.

The Naruto Clash of Ninja series are basically fighting games that involve a player picking a character, he controls and battles against another character which can be controlled by another player or by the game. Each character has features unique to them and the aim is to decrease the state of health  till death of the opponent. This particular series features Wi-fi multiplayer matches, an overhauled combat system and has an outstanding 30 if not more different fighting environments and characters. The characters in all series remain the same. The Clash of the Ninja revolution 3 is based on the Gaara rescue story arc. Naruto is the main character in the game and film alike.

The fighting techniques are more modified with an improvement in the characters that makes it different from the previous series.  For a favorable response the game is expected to be less predictable as Clash of the Ninja revolution 2 was a mere modification of the previous series and obtaining was similar to reburying the previous series. The modifications didn’t make a difference. Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 promises to be different more interesting and exciting.

So far the previous clash of ninja series have received mixed feelings and Clash of the ninja Revolution 3 is hoped to be a better version on the series and higher reception is expected. Of all the characters that feature throughout the Clash of the Ninjas series, only nine of these characters have been confirmed to be included with Naruto, Gara and Kakashi among them. The fighting system has received praise and criticism and hopefully the Clash of the Ninja Revolution 3 will provide a fighting system that induces a more favorable response.

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