EA Sports Active

EA Sports Active is a Video game that was developed by the EA Sports and Published by the EA Vancouver. The supporting platform is Wii, with input methods, such as the Wii remote and Nunchuk. You also have the Wii Balance Board that is optional to individuals. A pouch that you can easily strap around is provided to hold the Nunchuk.

It is more of an exercise game than anything else is, so you are practically enjoying yourself while exercising at the same time. It is different from most games that need you to sit down and play around with the controls. In this case, your whole body is in working out so you better be geared for this game.
There a number of exercises that you can choose from that are featured on this game. You are not alone on this one as you have a virtual trainer that will help you throughout. Installing self-discipline when it comes to exercise, dieting and general weight loss is difficult on your own, despite your enthusiasm at times. The EA Sports Active video game has a 30-Day challenge mode that enables players to set goals for shedding off calories and this helps in shedding keeping track with your progress over a specific period. You can also work out with a friend to make it more interesting and challenging.

If you are the kind of person that is always swamped with work or generally do not have the time to travel to the gym, then this video game will save you a whole lot of calories and a trip to the gym. If you happen to be shy around people and feel uncomfortable to exercise around people then why not exercise in your own house with the EA Sports Active.

Each exercise may concentrate on a specific body part such as the abs or the thighs, so a player is encouraged to try most if not all of these exercises to make sure that you use this facility to its full potential and get the most out of it. You can involve your entire family with this video game so that they also exercise and create a more interesting and fun workout exercise. Bob Greene, a celebrity personal trainer was a part of the development of this game.

GameRankings awarded EA Sports Active 85% while Metacritic awarded the game 81%.  A critique commented on the supplied elastic band, claiming that there was no real resistance, however you can fix this by using other elastic bands until you have your required resistance.

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  1. The Wii in general is a great system, fantastic console. However, some of their sports game is not entirely, I’m not sure how to say it, precise? Perhaps that is a good adjective, or way to describe it. all in all, the wii is a great system because at least some exercise is being done.

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