Wii’s Web Brower Gets Set Free

This week, Nintendo announced that its Wii version of the Opera web browser will from now on be free to download. Although this software was initially “free” during its beta-testing, it later became a pay-for option and now it is going back to its roots.

Previously, the company charged $5 in order to use the Wii Channel web browser for anyone who wished to browse the Internet through their console. While some users may opt to swing their Wiimote like a baseball bat out of frustration for its lackluster GUI when using Opera, at least there is some compensation coming.

The latest version is updated to use Adobe Flash Lite version 3.1.

For owners who bought the web browser with their Wii points, the company will compensate by allowing users to obtain a NES game (worth 500 points) for free from the Virtual Console service.

Further details will be announced in October.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. It’s actually quite odd, I have the Wii Browser and I’ve never paid for it. I use it fairly regularly and I didn’t obtain it by ‘illicit’ means.

    Mind you I’m over in the UK and things are…different…here.

  2. I downloaded the web browser when it was in its beta stage, so even after updating, I’ve never had to pay for it. Although $5 isn’t steep by any means, it’s great that Nintendo is offering the browser for free again and reimbursing Wii owners who already paid for it.

  3. That’s great, when my friend and I first started reading this he wasn’t too happy that they were going to make it free since he paid for it. Now that he knows he is getting a free NES game he is pretty excited haha!

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