Your Wii Controller Is Very Hot, Ouch!

Your Wii Controller Is Very Hot, Ouch!

“Dad, the Wii did it, honest!”

“Around 220,000 Wii peripherals sold in the US have been recalled due to posing a fire hazard and a danger to consumers, is how the report started out,

The Psyclone Essentials and React Wii charging stations – which can recharge up to four Wiimotes at a time – have been voluntarily recalled, with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reporting that “the battery pack can overheat, posing a burn or fire hazard to the consumer.”

“Six incidents of overheating have been reported to the firm. Two consumers reported minor burns to the hand,” stated the CPSC.

The products were sold by Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy and Amazon, manufactured in China and distributed by Griffin International.

“Consumers should immediately stop using these recharge stations and contact Griffin International to obtain information on how to return the product and receive a free replacement,” said the CPSC.

So, with only six cases reported so far, it’s imagined that the number of cases will soon increase. However, it’s nice to see that the public have been informed promtly.


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