Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena Preview

About a year or so back, when the moon was tinted blue, Will Wright made an appearance promoting his then new and upcoming franchise called Spore. Back then, he had company consisting of Robin Williams, who demonstrated Wright’s then new Create-a-character feature, and many others who perhaps wondered if Spore would be the next best thing since that other franchise Wright’s involved in. Today, we know Spore could be whittled down to talk of real time strategy and a few YouTube videos displaying penises on legs.

Still, the franchise has done well enough to spawn a further two Spore titles, Spore Hero for the Nintendo Wii and Spore Hero Arena for the Nintendo DS. Indentical in concept, the story goes like this. You’re the hero. There’s something evil threatening corruption on the planet or galaxy (dependent on the version your playing). And it’s your job to, um, do something about it. You might think I’m being snotty, but believe me, story wise there isn’t a lot to go on. On the official website, the antagonist for the Wii version is described as “something evil”. Any simpler and the story would be “You’re the goodie. Someone’s the baddie. Best of luck.”

Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena could well be described as being entirely character driven. You create your “hero”, as this version bills it, then you’re thrown into the game world where you must fight anything that moves. Fights are the primary way in which you progress. Successful fight wills reward players with new parts for their Hero which will enable them to take on stronger creatures. To break up the pace, players will be able to explore the world and take part in various quests, which may reward you with further parts for your character. It sounds all a bit Rocky meets Worlds Strongest Man, if you ask me.

Both titles are due for release this October.

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