Red Steel 2: The Game Wii Have been waiting for.

Ever since the Wii came out, gamers have been waiting for a game that made full use of the systems revolutionary controls… A game for players above the age of 10. This game may be finally here with the announcement of Red Steel 2, which has a tentative release date of November 25, 2009, right in time for the holiday season. Will we see many copies of Red Steel 2 stuffed into stockings and under trees? Judging the by the lukewarm reception of the original title, many gamers will wonder if this will be what the original was intended, or simply another failed attempt.

Still, Red Still 2 looks very promising, with an extravagant debut trailer that can give even the most skeptical critic hope. Red Steel 2 will also make full use of the new Wii MotionPlus controller, which will give players much increased control over the game. Ubisoft also announced at a press conference on April 29 that Red Steel 2 will be developed ground up with MotionPlus in mind.


The original title was a slash and shoot combat game that featured gory combat and gangster style enemies will now be transformed into a high tech metropolis in a bleak desert environment. The trailer makes this very obvious, and the environment looks astounding, it can be viewed here on YouTube. In full, although you won’t be lined up outside stores for days on end waiting for this title, it might just be the sleeping giant that will shock the Wii community, so it’s definately worth watching out for.

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  1. Ehh wasn’t a big fan of the first one and I can’t really say these games are made for adults as the storylines are rather absurd.. now games like Cursed Mountain those are made for adults who own Wii’s.

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