Rabbids Go Home Preview

Game Title: Rabbids Go Home
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Wii

They’ve been invading Earth for the past three years, but now the rabbids, made famous from the Raving Rabbids titles, have since grown bored of our species and want to go home. And where is home? The moon, of course! But rather than work together to find specific pieces needed to build a rocket ship, the rabbids have a better idea. Or at least another idea. To collect everything collectible and then use it to build a spiralling pathway to the moon.

You control two rabbids and their ultimate ingredient to this perhaps ingenious masterplan… a shopping trolley. One rabbid pushes the trolley around the level. The other rabbid sits inside the trolley, grabbing anything useful that’s within reach whilst keeping any opposition at bay. Opposition includes angry dogs deficient of a mailman with a toy chew for an ass and some humans wearing snot coloured rubber suits. Don’t ask.

Gameplay could be described as being similar to the Katamari Damacy series, but with a touch of Tony Hawk. Almost anything can be collected. While you might not be able to stuff great big buildings into your trolley, four legged aspiring dairy products that go “moo” seem to make shopping list. Elsewhere about the levels are ramps which enable you to get about easier as well as perhaps allowing the player to pull off some non official tricks along the way. Ultimately though, it’s about collecting everything you can, and then stopping by a nearby rabbid who stands ready to transfer everything you have to that place under the moon. Via the toilet system.

Throughout the game, you may collect specific objects which will enable you to customise the look of your rabbid. The fashion conscious, it appears, will be able to dress their rabbids in anything from a thong to a squid shaped hat. Meanwhile, those who are unhappy with their rabbid’s body shape will be able to trim and tone (or possibly crush and inflate) with special devices such as a vice and an air pump! Eek!

There are 40 missions in all which are said to ensure the player with over 10 hours of gameplay. The rabbids are cute, the graphics are bright and the music has so much energy, if you listened to it while shopping, you could find yourself re-enacting Rabbids Go Home in your local supermarket. I’d doubt if they’d let you do that for over 10 hours, mind you… And don’t blame me if you crash into the Jaffa Cakes!

Wii owners can look forward to an alternative shopping spree this Fall.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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