Punch-Out!! originally released on NES in 1987 is finally making its debut on the Nintendo Wii. The original game, which featured goofy cartoon boxers and a unique and entertaining style was rated one of the best games on NES. The same syle and much of the content has remained intact in the games journey to the Wii, and fans of the older game will find this gratifying. Will Punch-Out!! still have the style and gameplay that made it so addictive on NES when played on Wii? We believe so.

Punch-Out!! stars the hero from the previous titles, Little Mac, a tough little 17-year old from the Bronx who looks like he weighs at best 100 pounds. The opponents on the other hand look like they have been on steroids and then exposed to radiation turning them into gigantic monsters. The 13 boxers in the game have for the most part all been characters in Punch-Out!! for NES, although some are from Super Punch-Out!! These 13 include Great Tiger, Bald Bull, King Hippo, and even Bear Hugger. Many of them still use thier signature moves from the NES game, but also have quite a few new tricks up thier sleeves.


The gameplay is very similar to the NES game, with players unable to move around the ring but instead forced to dodge incoming punches and attacks. The counter system is familliar as well, with each opponent indicating before they attack, this lets players counter without dying constantly. Other boxers also continually change combos and attacks throughout the match to add variety and challenge to the gameplay, this keeps you guessing and costantly adapting. Each enemy also has a specific weak point that must be exploited to quickly win the match, some are weak to uppercuts, or some are weak when they are performing certain moves.

Beating these massive boxers in Punch-Out!! is actually pretty easy at the start, but the real challenge is defending your championship title. Punch-Out!! adds alot of challenge by beefing up the original 13 with extra attacks, and in some cases even pieces of armor like a helmet. In a sense, players must completely rethink thier strategy for every single opponent, almost replaying the enitre the game.


Punch-Out!! also features a two player mode where both players square off as Little Macs. The cool thing is, once a player lands enough hits, they turn into a Giga Mac, who is essentially one of the gigantuan 13 the player fights in single player. This adds some variety to the multiplayer, although it is still pretty limited and some different characters would be nice. There is also another aspect that adds content, and that is the challenges system. Punch-Out!! has a different set of challenges for each boxer, almost like Xbox achievements, some of which are easy, some extremely hard.

Punch-Out!! is a great addition to any collection of fighting games and adds a comical cartoony feel to the normally standard genre. If you liked the style of the original NES game then this game is a must buy for you. Also, if you are just looking for a unique fighting game, then give Punch-Out!! a go, even though the multiplayer lacks.. the single player will have you dodging and punching for hours.

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