Netflix Coming to Wii?

Rumors about Netflix service coming to Nintendo’s Wii are nothing new.  For some time now, the internet has been filled with posts, queries, and gossip regarding the electronic commerce company and whether or not they will eventually offer their streaming services to the Wii.  Tech analyst Dan Rayburn recently posted a blog entry with information regarding Netflix on the Wii.

In his blog post, Rayburn writes about having received legitimate images of the Wii streaming content via Netflix.  Unfortunately, no images were included in the blog.  Rayburn goes on to mention that “Nintendo is currently in the testing stages with Netflix to bring their streaming service to the Wii very soon.”

While we don’t know how soon “very soon” may be, Rayburn mentioned that Nintendo had plans of bringing the service to Wii consoles before the end of 2009.  The blog post becomes somewhat of a skeptical piece when Rayburn mentions that Nintendo decided to hold off on bringing Netflix to the Wii until after they’ve developed the Wii HD unit “in early 2010.”  The chances of said HD component (which is currently just a rumor anyway) arriving early next year are very slim, as Nintendo would have most likely mentioned something of that magnitude by now.

Rayburn’s blog post is very brief and doesn’t go beyond what was mentioned above.  While some of the information seems faulty, especially that of the Wii HD component, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that Netflix will indeed make its way to the Wii.  The video service provider was just added to the PlayStation 3’s repertoire, so Nintendo would definitely benefit from providing that type of service to their loyal customers.

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  1. I don’t watch movies all that much, but if Netflix came to the Wii, I’d likely watch films more often. Not to mention all those wrestling DVDs I need to catch up on. =P

  2. This will certainly make it easier to watch streaming videos on my television instead of watching them on my computer. Look forward to this. I’ve used Netflix in the past and love their service. Makes it nice and simple to use.

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