Mario and Sonic Face Off Again

Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, something happened that turned many heads. Mario and Sonic were set to face off in a game inspired by the summer Olympics. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was released to mixed reviews, but it still sold increasingly well. The title was essentially a party game that included both actual Olympic events and a series of “Dream Events” which consisted of weapons usage like in Mario Kart, coin collection, and other elements.

This October, Sega plans on releasing the next game in the series, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. This release will be prior to the official 2010 Winter Olympics, and Sega and Nintendo will undoubtedly be looking to have another successful outing starring two of video gaming’s most popular mascots. Downhill skiing, speed skating, ice hockey, and bobsleigh are all confirmed events. Regarding the Wii version of the game, motion controls will play a crucial role in the game, and there will also be support for the Wii Balance Board. All of the cast from the previous game will be featured in its successor as playable characters, and there will also be new characters included, two of them being Donkey Kong and Metal Sonic. In addition to the roster of Nintendo and Sega characters, players can also choose to play as their Mii characters.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is scheduled to be released in October for the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms.

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  1. you know, i never really understood the mario and sonic thing. Like why mario and sonic? Ive played both games and the similarities are vague at best

  2. The whole thing pretty much has to do with Nintendo’s success and Sega’s introduction of the Sonic series, which was the first real competitor for the Mario franchise. Both series had their own take on the platformer, and it was a popular feud at the time.

  3. I used to love playing Mario and Sonic. These are probably one of the best games out there. Each game has acquired so much consumer satisfaction.

  4. I thought Sonic sucked as a game… never got into it. Although the Sonic cartoon series did win out over the mario brothers cartoon… I think its still being aired to date.

  5. I’ve never really liked the idea of Mario and Sonic in a game together. But now they are making another once, I don’t think it will sell much;considering the fact that the first one was quite boring.

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