Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party is developed by Konami and published by KCET, KDE, and KDE GmbH. It was developed for the Wii platform and released on March 18, 2008; April 18, 2008; and April 11, 2008 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand respectively. The game is for the music and exercise genre and includes single player and multiplayer modes.

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party features the groove circuit mode where some of the locked items in the game can be unlocked, unlike other versions. As you complete each level and advance to the next, Konami original songs are unlocked. They act as a motivation for completing a level. There are three challenges in each level, the first being the completion of a specified group of songs that are already unlocked. The second challenge in the same game mode is similar to the first one, except this time the songs are locked, so you have to work hard if you want to dance to them all. The last challenge involves a specified group of numbers plus an opponent that you have to beat. The completion of a song means the unlocking of another song and the opponent gets a new costume.

Other modes that are featured in this game include Free, Battle and Friendship modes, as well as Sync, Workout and Multiplayer modes.

Some examples of unlocked songs are “1, 2 Step,” by Lady S, originally performed by Ciara; “Too Little, Too Late,” Jojo’s song covered by Okokoro. “Caught Up,” by Stopped Called, honouring Usher; “I Don’t Feel like Dancing,” originally done by Scissor Sisters, presented here by Life Aloud. “Yo, Excuse Me Miss,” by Smooth-1 and originally by Chris Brown; “Little L,” a cover by Single Funk of Jamiroquai’s version. “Finally” by Club 90s and originally done by Cece Peniston, as well as “Call on Me,” by 2000’s Stars, first recorded by Nelly and Janet Jackson.

These are only a few of the unlocked games that are available on the Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party. Locked performances include the following:
“Confession,” by Trance Star
“Will,” by Naoki.
“Mess With My Emotions,” by Latenighter
“The Beat,” by Sparky
“Candy (UFO Mix),” by the Sweetest
“I’m Flying Away,” by Stepper
“The Reason,” by Black Rose Garden
“Moving On,” by J.J Pops and many more locked songs are featured on the game’s soundtrack.

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